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Patrice Bernier et ses amis

UX, UI, Design, Development.

Starting Point

Brand identity for a fundraising futsal event, featuring local soccer personalities and artists from the Quebec artistic world around Patrice Bernier

The Strategy

Patrice Bernier, former player and captain of the Montreal Impact soccer Club, and GEAK organize together the event Patrice Bernier and his friends, to the benefit of La Maison d'Haiti, a community organization located in the Saint-Michel district. Many artists, media members, and athletes will compose two all-star teams battling for the win. Comparable to soccer, futsal involves two teams of five players each, including a goalkeeper, and is played on a floor surface.

Besides raising funds for La Maison d'Haiti, the Patrice Bernier and friends event intends to be a gathering of all the Quebec soccer culture authorities, in a friendly and joyful way, through various animations. This activity will also help to promote futsal, a sport in full progress in Quebec, Canada, and North America.